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If all schools looked like that one maybe none of the students nowadays will even think about skipping a single class. How is this possible to have the opportunity to choose where to study ( in a classroom, beside the fountain or maybe you preffer to be on the organic roof top where you can create something awesome)? The walls of the school are covered with glass facade that provide a high performance building envelope that reduces the heat and allows the natural views to be expressed better and of course the connection between exterior and interior.

I think that the school can definitely inspire creative people.

School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

Hot river (first image) - Almost the whole street was taken to create the 3D cracking effect. It’s like a volcano under the street is getting ready to erupt.

Mysterious cave (second image) - A 3D effect has been drawn to create the inside of a cave with a waterfall. It has the feeling like you go through hell to reach your destination -to reborn in the water and to exorcise your sins.

(Both street arts are from Edgar Mueller)


This clever invention by the mexican artist Fernando Laposse (Edible Sugar Glasses) can be used as a vessel for drinks and as a drink itself. I liked his idea because for something so small and simple it can be very useful in the bar industry, for example.


The best thing is that it is quite strangely different since the boring standard of shaping a pool it is gone. Instead, it is in the form of a musical instrument which is much more interesting and intriguing for the viewer. The LED lights in it can make the water and the whole pool to look even more majestic.

 ”The structure is clad in a brand new three dimensional porcelain tile developed with Casalgrande Padana and baked with a metallic finish bringing a new sense of light and vibrancy to the street.” In a nod to environmental concerns, the ceramic panels possess sustainable properties for self-cleaning and air purifying.” - says Daniel Libeskind for the his designabout the penthouse in Berlin, Germany. 


Berlin, Germany

Lotus 1524 Chandelier

An example of floating frame type. As it can be seen the bottom frame is suspended from the top one and the soft fabric of the edges is used only to create this modern and marvellous fixture.


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